Monday, June 25, 2007

The road to honour

Hundreds line Hwy. 401 bridges to bid goodbye to fallen troopers

In a brilliant and emotional show of support, a sea of red and white lined the overpasses east of the city last night in honour of the three soldiers who were killed in Afghanistan last week.

Hundreds of people stood on several overpasses from Northumberland County to Durham, most either wearing Canada's colours or waving a Canadian flag, as the convoy carrying the three fallen members of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry made its way along Hwy. 401.

In Northumberland County, where people been showing their support from the overpasses since the first Canadian soldiers were killed in Afghanistan, 200 people lined one bridge in Port Hope.

Every fire department in Northumberland County, as well as Northumberland County Paramedics and OPP, Cobourg and Port Hope Police, had bridges covered, saluting the procession as it went by.

Durham firefighters and paramedics also lined up with their vehicles.

The dead soldiers -- Cpl. Stephen Bouzane, 26, a Scarborough native, Pte. Joel Wiebe, 22, and Sgt. Christos Karigiannis -- arrived by plane at CFB Trenton, and after a ceremony at the base, the bodies were driven to the coroner's office in Toronto be examined before being released to their families.

"We don't like war, nobody does. But they are over there to help not to hurt,"

*This is dedicated to all those brave man and woman that serve in the Military and are fighting for the very peace that we at times take for granted. Wither Canadian, American, British or what ever country you are fighting for I thank you and "I salute you".*

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